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Terms of Service

About Our Terms

A Touch of Class Limousines strives to make your limousine experience with us the very best it can be. To ensure your enjoyment and safety while we serve you, please review our policies prior to making a reservation. We want to be the limousine service you choose for all of your professional driving needs. 

Please read these policies carefully 

Deposits and Cancellations

We require a 50% non-refundable deposit to secure your reservation. Once your reservation is secure the deposit will NOT be refunded for any reason. When paying cash, if you cancel, the cancellation fees will be charged to the credit on file. If the entire deposit has not been paid when you cancel due to a payment plan, it will be charged at the time of cancellation.  Group Tour Tickets are not refundable.

Reservations cancelled PRIOR TO the 72 hour cut off (this being 72 hours prior to the event) will forfeit their 50% deposit. Reservations cancelled AFTER the 72 hour cut off (this being anytime within 72 hours of the event) will be charged the remaining balance of the contract and will forfeit the entire contract amount.

Your reservation is for a specific vehicle or vehicle type. We do not allow downgrading to a smaller vehicle.  We allow you to upgrade based on vehicle availability.  Your reservation is also for a specific date and time frame. We do not allow the rescheduling of events.  Please keep this in mind when making your reservation.  

The remaining balance will be charged to the credit card on file 72 hours prior to service unless you have requested your final balance to be paid in cash.

If time exceeds contract by more than 10 minutes, additional time will be charged in 30-minute increments, due at time of services.  Please note that overtime is not always available.  

Quotes are valid for 24 hours.  We do not hold vehicles under any circumstance.  To reserve a specific vehicle, a 50% non-refundable deposit.

We do reserve the right to cancel reservations due to the safety and security of our employees and vehicles.    


Pricing, Gratuities, and Fees

The prices quoted by our reservation specialists are all inclusive prices unless otherwise specified. Our chauffeurs are paid hourly wages. If you feel that your chauffeur has done a superior job you are welcome to tip them accordingly.

A fuel surcharge may be added to reservations when the average price of gas exceeds $3.00 per gallon or if the pick up location or destination is outside of our regular service area. The fuel surcharge will be disclosed during the booking process.  

Tolls will be added to the final contract if a toll road is utilized during transportation.  Tolls are already included in local airport transportation costs.

Baltimore City does require a per person tax to be paid for any passengers being picked up, dropped off or visiting a location in Baltimore City.  Unless the tax has been calculated into the initial costs, the per person tax will be charged at the conclusion of transportation.   

A $150 clean-up charge will be applied to a contract for spillage or excessive mess made inside the vehicle by the contract holder or anyone in their party during a run.

A $250 self-inflicted sickness charge will be applied if the contract holder or anyone in their party becomes ill inside the vehicle. A $100 self-inflicted sickness charge will be applied if the contract holder or anyone in their party becomes ill on the outside of the vehicle.

A Touch of Class Limousines strictly prohibits smoking in any of our vehicles. A $100 smoking fine will be applied if the contract holder or anyone in their party smokes inside the vehicle. This policy does also pertain to electronic cigarettes.

Any illegal activities will result in immediate termination of services without a refund.  This includes passengers threatening the safety of the chauffeurs either verbally or physically.  

If glasses are stolen or broken, client is responsible for a fee of $10 per glass.  




Inclement Weather Policy

During inclement weather our normal cancellation policy will apply with one exception. If road conditions are dangerous, we will allow the customer to reschedule their reservation to another day without penalty.

If a 4-wheel drive or all all-wheel drive vehicle is deemed necessary during inclement weather, the passenger is responsible for the fee required to upgrade to the new vehicle.  The client and/or company may deem this upgrade necessary.  

If your event calls for red carpet treatment, the chauffeur will make every effort to roll out the red carpet when appropriate. The red carpet will not be rolled out in inclement weather or if it presents a safety issue.

Passenger Safety and Comfort

Passengers must remain seated while vehicle is in motion. We do reserve the right to assign a chaperone to your run. The chaperone will ensure the passenger's safety while the vehicle is in motion.

The legal passenger limit of our vehicles is provided by the vehicle manufacturer. This limit is based on having a mixture of average size adults and children in the vehicle. Since we are unable to see all of the passengers ahead of time, we ask that you use this information in helping to determine the vehicle that is best suited for your party. Our reservation specialists are more than happy to make recommendations based on passenger descriptions.

Air Conditioning in limousines and buses operates differently than the air conditioning in passenger vehicles. The air conditioning in the limousines and buses (that have air conditioning) is designed to cool the vehicles 15 to 20 degrees below the ambient temperature. The body temperature of the passengers will increase the temperatures in the limousines. The air conditioning on all vehicles is serviced on a regular basis to remain in top working condition.

All vehicles are equipped with different amenities.  Please ask the reservation specialist about the amenities in the vehicle you reserved.  If your vehicle is equipped with an auxiliary or USB port, you are responsible for bringing the cord to connect your device.  

Vehicles with restrooms are not always odor free.  We do clean and sanitize the bathrooms before every run but as the bathroom is used throughout your run, an odor may become apparent.  The tank is not dumped during the run.


Personal Items and Luggage

We are not responsible for items being transported in our vehicles such as luggage or items left in our vehicles. The chauffeurs will make every effort to assist you with luggage but are not responsible for damage done to luggage. If you have overly large or heavy luggage please make the reservation specialist aware when booking transportation.


A Touch of Class Limousines is not responsible for unforeseen events. A Touch of Class Limousines reserves the right to substitute vehicle(s). This will only be done if the originally scheduled vehicle is inoperable.

We encourage clients to view the limousines before making a reservation.  Private appointments can be scheduled during the week and on Saturday mornings.  This is the only way to guarantee that you are satisfied with the limousine you reserve.  If you did not preview the vehicle ahead of time, no compensation will be made if you are not completely satisfied with the vehicle.  

A Touch of Class Limousines is not responsible for unforeseen traffic issues, severe weather conditions or Acts of God.  We can not be held responsible or liable for unexpected vehicle breakdowns and other unforeseen events beyond our control.   There will be no recourse towards the company for these occurrences.  In the event of mechanical failure, every effort will be made to provide a replacement vehicle.  If a replacement vehicle is provided, no refund is due to the client.  We do reserve the right to substitute vehicles if the originally scheduled vehicle is not available due to mechanical failure or safety issues.  

A Touch of Class Limousines is dedicated to providing safe transportation to all of our passengers.  We abide by all State and Federal regulations.  We are registered with the Maryland Public Service Commission, the Federal Department of Transportation, the Pennsylvania Utility Commission and the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Commission.  These agencies regulate our insurance, our vehicles, and our chauffeurs.  Our vehicles undergo several state and physical inspections per year. 

Our chauffeurs are background checked through the State of Maryland.  As a company, we are enrolled in a random drug and alcohol program to ensure the safety of our passengers.  We do also provide continuing education and training for all of our chauffeurs and supervisors. 

If you have any questions on our policies please call 301.698.2650 any time.

Thank You